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Actually, it’s just Tuesday.

I had a photo I was going to post for Metamucil Monday, didn’t move fast enough to post it in time, maybe I’ll sneak it in on Wonderful Wednesday. But then that leaves Thankful Thursday out there by itself, Freakin’ Fantasitc Friday probably will get it’s feelings hurt, Sadistic Saturday, well, you just don’t want to mess with that guy. Sober Sunday, that’s pretty self-explanatory. Then we’re back to Metamucil Monday.

So I’ve not caught on to this whole….sticking a cute word that starts with the same letter of the current day of the week and make it a snazzy blog post….thing. Actually, it kind of creeps me out. And honestly, this is me mocking said practice mercilessly. Nothing against any of you that do. By all means, if it works for you, run with it.

That’s it. Really. But since you, the reader, have been kind enough to read this far into my rampage (thank you), I’ll post some photos and we’ll call it a blog.

Completely and totally unrelated, some of my favorite shots from life on the road last year didn’t actually have anything to do with weddings. This was a late night, side of the road, freezing my arse off ” holy cow I’m going to get eaten by wolves” moment outside of Cheyenne, Wyoming. Completely beautiful storm going across the plains. I honestly was falling asleep and needed to get out of the Prius (Oh noes, it sped up by itself! Maybe. Ok, not really.) for a little bit. This was several attempts of leaving the shutter open for extended periods, and finally came up with these.

They’re not perfect, but I still love them.

Happy Tuesday all…

  • Rowell - These are beautiful! How cold was it while you were waiting for the perfect shot hahaReplyCancel

    • Brett - You know, it was probably upper 40’s, but what really freaked me out was there was just absolutely nothing out there. No cars, no lights, just pitch black, occasionally lit up by the storm. I seriously was waiting for a bolt of lightning to illuminate the dark and see this mutated antelope staring at me or something. Yeah..I freaked myself out.ReplyCancel

  • John Batdorff - These are incredible…nicely done.ReplyCancel

  • Rich - Amazing photos!! Wow.ReplyCancel

  • Michelle Hires - I’ve followed you on twitter for quite a bit but just now visited your blog and I just have to say that these photos are quite possibly some of the most stunning I’ve seen of a storm. Gorgeous!ReplyCancel

Pardon me boy, is that the….nevermind.

This was the first time I’d actually met Brent and Jennifer in person, and I had a blast doing their engagement session with them!  There were some really beautiful spots to work with downtown, complete with a great coffee shop that we ended up crashing at for a bit. And there’s never a bad time for coffee. Ever.