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I suppose it started out like any other normal rehearsal on the side of a perfect lake in Montana, but then the whiskey, beer, and instruments showed up, and a full on jam session was had.

From that moment until the following evening (which somehow found us all in an extremely cold river in the middle of a field, Melissa and Brian in their canoe, and I in a borrowed boat with a *really* borrowed car battery with which to power it and two glasses of wine) it was an unforgettable wedding weekend.


Sincere thanks to my B.F.A.M. and ridiculously talented photographer, Mr. Jeremiah Spray, for making this trip with me and shooting incredibly gorgeous work as always. Always great to shoot with you, my friend.


Melissa and Brian, thanks for the wonderful memories, I’ll see you in Nashville.


Special thanks to whomever the car battery belonged to. It was dark. There was wine. I’m like 85% sure it made it back.






I don’t say it often enough, but I’m a lucky schmuck.


I love Colorado. I’m not entirely sure I’m won’t live there at some point on my slow venture to Montana. I love wonderful clients. And I have an unhealthy and passionate lust more powerful than All The Bunnies in Springtime for working with ridiculously talented vendor friends, especially when we all get to join VendorForces at a gorgeous venue. Crooked Willow Farms, thanks for playing that role with class and style for this one.


Kelley with Kelley Kakes, I adore you. I love you. I covfefe you. Your wizardry and talent with all things sugary is legendary. Thanks for being my cake person friend. #cakeperson


Lauren Ripko with Quintessential Weddings and Events, you’re one of the best planners/coordinators/florists/everything’s I’ve ever worked with. And I don’t type those words out for planners much. Thanks for being ridiculously amazing.



Trish and Jake –

I big puffy heart you both. Thanks for letting me come hang out in Denver for the weekend with your friends and family. Thanks for standing in the rain with me. I’ll see you soon, and drinks on me.


Lastly, to my stupidly talented friend Mr. Travis Percival, thanks for the amazing work as always, sir. You’re a badass photographer.



Dear David, (*Forrest Gump wave*)


I have a confession.


I’ve loved you since November, 1986.


I was 7 years old, and the animated film An American Tail had just been released. For myself and an unspeakable amount of children from then until now, we were swept into a magical world where there were no cats in America and the streets were paved with cheese. Only it turned out there were cats in America, and any cheese on the street wasn’t that desirable after all.

The classic story of heartache and hope, adventure and treachery would keep us perched on the edge of our  crumb-filled seats from the first glimpse of the Giant Mouse of Minsk until that moment when the distant echos of Papa Moskowitz’s violin reached Fievel’s giant ears, and he was reunited once again with his family. As any good creative-souled child is prone to do during a case of the Feels, I would cry along with everyone else on the screen.

I didn’t actually know you back then of course, but I knew your work. As did all the other kids that loved to watch An American Tail, or the animated version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, or The Land Before Time, and all the countless work you’ve animated over the years. We loved the art without knowing the artist.

Only as a serendipitous turn of events several years ago would have it, fate would place me squarely in your backyard, and suddenly I was face to face with one of the few artists that bear responsibility for the majority of my childhood movie memories.  A wedding for one of your daughters resulted in a close friendship with your family, into which I’ve been not-so-quietly adopted, which somehow led to me startling your mother in the garage (sorry), which again somehow led to entirely too many margaritas by the pool (it may have been scotch, ask Robert), which understandably led to the dog trying to remove my thumb when I startled it in the dark on your front porch the last time I showed up. I feel like the dog should make a tick-tock-ticking noise every time I come around now, and my thumb would start twitching in rhythm with it. Captain Hook and the crocodile. I’m fairly certain he wants the rest of me.


I digress.


Thanks for showing me that it’s actually really cool to be a creative kid. Thanks for teaching me that art and storytelling can have a ridiculously huge impact, especially in the hearts and minds of children. Thanks for the late night conversations about filmmaking, the early morning conversations about life, and for always, always, always encouraging music, art, and creativity in both the lives of your ridiculously talented kids, and this not-so-quietly adopted one.


My dad loved good people, and he taught me to always let someone know you appreciate them when they’ve been a positive influence or encouragement in your life, and you, sir, are one of the absolute best. Much love this Father’s Day.



My regards to the dog,




P.S. Should any of you wish to keep up with what David and his animation company are up to these days, check out Creative Capers Entertainment on the web, or @CreativeCapers on Instagram.







The last time I saw these beautiful souls, we were hugging it out on the beaches of Jacksonville, Florida after a ridiculously good engagement session.


Then suddenly we blinked, and it was the night before their wedding. A gorgeous rehearsal dinner bonfire at Grayton Beach, complete with an ice chest full of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. I have so many happy inner fat kid comments regarding that, but I’ll save those for the moment.


This is where I’d normally tell you about the wedding, how it was marvelous, how the Destin Bay House was as gorgeous as always, etc.


But what I’m actually going to do is just let you look at the photos.


And I’m going to say thank you to two of the sweetest people I’ve ever worked with. Your constant encouragement and support is amazing, and I love your faces off.


Next round’s on me  ~


  • David Mullin - These photos are amazing. You did such a nice job capturing their special day. Really good stuff. I found you via a plug Alec Hosterman gave you on a podcast.ReplyCancel





Sincere thanks to the wonderful crew at CG Pro Prints for letting me hang out with them in Las Vegas this year for their in-booth speaker sessions this year.


If you’re headed to WPPI this year, stop by and check out my favorite canvas wizards and say hello.

Or bring me wine.




See you in Vegas, baby ~