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I shot a wedding in Mexico once.


My travel agent, along with a few other souls concerned for my well-being, made it a point to repeatedly tell me that when I exited the airport I was to completely ignore everyone trying to talk to me, sell me things,  or steal my kidneys, and keep walking outside until I found My Person. Because My Person was going to take me safely where I wanted to go. All those other folks? Not so much.


During the planning stages of your wedding, you’re going to be thrown into a giant, glittery pile of an entire industry trying to sell you things. Some legit, some shady. Your job is to ask questions, contact references, and do your homework until you sort through the noise and find the vendors that will help bring your love story party to life. Because while you may not end up in a bathtub full of ice with no kidneys in Tijuana, there’s nothing quite like realizing what you were promised isn’t what you ended up with on your wedding day due to some underhanded individuals out to make money.

Research your vendors.


For those of you newly-engaged types, congratulations and welcome.  I’ve done photography full time for the past twelve years, and I’m beyond thankful to do what I do for a living. I love my clients, and I do my absolute best to run interference like a honey badger with a bad hangover between them and anyone that tries to interfere with the quality of their photos.


Also, grab a drink and read this before you start skipping down the vendor trail –

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