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I get asked a lot why photographers are so expensive. The answer is actually a simple one; most of us are raging alcoholics.


Ok, not really.

“But you just hold the camera, click the button, and that’s it. What’s the big deal?”

True. I hold the camera. Sometimes two cameras. Ok, actually, two cameras, 3 lenses, 8 compact flash cards, 2 flashes, 2 backup cameras, a  pack of bandaids, boxing gloves,  a bottle of water, some granola bars, and a picture of my kids. But I digress.

I could launch into the statistics of breaking down how much equipment, software, insurance, etc costs, plus the endless hours of editing, marketing, hitting the gym to stay abnormally sexy….but I won’t. You can find that info on Google if you wish.

Also, there are a lot of well-meaning bridal websites out there that will give you a cookie cutter list of questions to ask potential photographers. What they won’t tell you however, is that list was actually made by a 17 year old intoxicated intern who has no earthly clue what questions are actually relevant to ask.

 You’re going to be spending a lot of time with your photographer, and your wedding day is a really bad time to find out you can’t stand them. If you’re  a wild and crazy biker couple, hiring Ben Stein the photographer probably isn’t going to turn out well for either of you.

Ask for references if you feel you need to. Make sure the photos are going to be equally as exciting to you 20 years from now as they would be the day you first get them from the photographer. Find someone that absolutely loves what they do. You’ll be able to tell, I promise. Because someone that’s excited about their work, and loves what they do, will absolutely give you a better end product, care more about you as a client, and be much easier to work with than someone that’s simply trying to make a quick buck on the side.

I promise you your photographer will put as much enthusiasm and energy into your photos as you express about them. If you’re looking for someone to simply take photos and don’t really care what the photos look like, there’s multiple thousands of photographers out there that will gladly take your money and help you with that. And the photos you get back will reflect as such.

If, however, the photos are the most important thing in the whole entire world to you, and you absolutely LOVE the photographer’s work, then tell them that!  I guarantee your photographer will be much more excited about going above and beyond for you if you’re genuinely excited about your photos and the work they do.



We’re schmucks. We like knowing we make people happy.