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I’m not even going to pretend to say something sweet and poetic about this wedding. 


See, every once in awhile as a photographer you have this weird situation where one of your best friends who just also happens to be a photographer asks you to shoot his wedding. And if he just happens to be an amazing photographer whose work you respect and admire, then there’s like pressure. And stuff. 


Ok, seriously, Scott has been one of my best friends for several years. He and Tyne got married at the gorgeous Saint Catherines at Bell Gable chapel in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and it turned out beautifully. Other than the fact I think I freaked the venue coordinator out by putting them in the canoe for some shots.

But hey. 

I freak normal people out sometimes. #sorrynotsorry





I love Montana. 


I know in every blog post for a Montana wedding I always say I’m going to live there part time someday, so I won’t leave you hanging on this post; I’m going to live there part time someday. Most likely in a cabin in the woods in my rocking chair with hair growing out of my ears and nose and yelling at moose to get off my lawn. 


Mooses.  Meese. 


I digress. 


Katie and Justin were married on the shores of Whitefish Lake in Whitefish, Montana. They and their families are absolutely wonderful people, and I even got to play with another awesome puppy at this wedding. I’m starting to notice a pattern of that, and I’m totally ok with it. 


To Katie & Justin, thanks for allowing me to come to one of my all time favorite places ever. 







I fell into a deep man crush with the bride’s dad at this wedding.

Partly because he actually photo-bombed the shot of the girls on the bed when I asked him to (thanks, Rick!),  and partly because he let me have a golf cart to play with for awhile with the bride and groom. 

Me, a golf cart, and a bride and groom. What could possibly go wrong?


Sincere thanks to Abby and Blake and their families for making this a really great wedding. 






I’m just going to go ahead and give a shout out to the best man at this wedding for one of the best and most hilarious speeches I’ve heard in all of my years of doing weddings. Well played, sir. 


Meredith and Dewey were married at Christ the King church in Tulsa, and their reception was held at the Hardesty Arts Center in downtown. I absolutely loved this wedding, and in spite of the cold that day, everyone did a great job during the photos. 


Sincere thanks to everyone for a great wedding, with bonus points for them holding still while freezing outside for a long exposure shot on the roof, and the groom and his dad taking the stage with the band for a bit during the reception. That was awesome.