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I’ve always had one rule regarding engagement sessions – as long as you have someone to bail all of us out of jail, I’m up for anything when it comes to the shoot itself. 


And while (thankfully) we didn’t need bail money for this session, or a paramedic, we still went a little bit crazy going down the side of some cliffs in San Diego to play on the beach. Throw in a banjo and some fur-babies, and we had a perfect shoot.

Brian and Melissa are getting married later this year in the great state of Montana, and I’m stupid excited to hang out with them for that. This day ended in dinner and drinks, followed by an impromptu bluegrass jam session back at their place that evening. That did not suck. 


Dear San Diego, you kind of rock. 







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Engagement sessions make me happy. 


Engagement sessions with really adorable people that are stupid about each other makes me even happier. 


I shot the wedding for these two lovebirds this last weekend out at the gorgeous Skelly Lodge, and it was a fantastic day. These are from their engagement session a few months back, which consisted of hanging out downtown and acting like dorks for a couple of hours. 


Oh. And. Dat ring, doe.


I love California. 


I also love the fact that this wedding was the second time I’d gotten to hang out with this family. The last time I’d gotten to hang out with everyone was at a wedding in Montana that ended up with me adopting a goat, the family adopting me, and everyone shooting guns at a stump. 


That’s a true story. 


This time around, we all met up in Los Angeles for Amanda and Dan’s wedding. The day was absolutely gorgeous, and I loved getting to spend time with these amazing people again. Throw in some freaking awesome views and some pink hair, and the entire day kicked ass. 


Dearest adopted California family, thanks for all the love and support. 


Group hug. 





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This session holds the record for the fastest shoot/edit/run to Walgreens at midnight to print (Never do that. Ever. Ever, ever.) so they could be used for the reception at the wedding the next day.  I think from the time we finished shooting to the time we were printing them off was about 3 hours. The crappy hotel wifi and the two extremely overpriced long island iced teas from the hotel bar probably added a few more minutes to that number, but still. It was quick. 


Winn and Novak are an absolutely adorable couple in South Florida that I got to spend some time with a few weeks ago. South Florida had the bright idea to be really freaking cold that weekend, but regardless we had a blast and made some fun photos. 


More from their wedding shortly….





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The Ramada Plaza Beach Resort in Fort Walton Beach, Florida and I go back a long ways. 


Somewhere around 1999 I think. 


For some reason I’d ended up in my ’86 Ford Ranger on a road trip to Shreveport, Louisiana. Because when you’re 19 years old and haven’t ever really driven any long distance by yourself, Shreveport Louisiana sounds like a far off distant and magical place. 


Until you get there. And then you’re all like ERMAHGERD DO NOT WANT.


I then realized I could drive a measly seven more hours and find myself in Florida. I’d never been to Florida. I’d heard there were beaches there. And an ocean. I figured I should probably go see that. And thanks to my parent’s credit card, I did just that. (Sorry, mom and dad.) It was a few days of walking on the beach and playing my Nintendo 64 that’d I’d brought with me in the hotel room, and thus began my torrid love affair with my adopted home state of Florida. 


So when my dear friend Amber Campbell with Beachside Ceremonies sent me Anne and Channing, I jumped at the chance to go again. And I’m stupidly glad I did. I adore this couple, and I loved their wedding. 


Anne and Channing, thanks for being sweet and wonderful people. I loved getting to spend the day with you guys. 





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