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* I preface this to say that if you’re actually ever IN New Orleans, staggering around late at night and find yourself hungry, never, under any circumstances get anything from the Lucky Dog hot dog stands. Ever. They’re not lucky, but they may be dogs.

That said…


New Orleans, Louisiana is one of those places that you either really love, or you really hate.

I suppose to some it’s nothing more than a filthy, crime ridden, grotesquely humid and hot city that someone decided would be a good idea to build in a swamp, representing any and all vile things that you were warned about on the felt and velcro story board in Sunday school. Little felt cut-outs of people with x’s for eyeballs, laying in felt ditches, holding little felt whiskey bottles….alright, maybe they don’t actually have that in Sunday school, but I’d totally go if they did. 

And I honestly can’t argue against any of those points about the city. It’s hot, horribly humid, smells like 6 day old sweaty gym shorts on a good day, and if you spend any time whatsoever wandering Bourbon Street, or any number of other streets in the French Quarter, you absolutely will not want to wear sandals, flip-flops, or open toed shoes of any kind. There’s consistently puddles on and around those streets, with a mixture of substances I care not to discuss on this blog, water not being one of them. 

But it’s New Orleans. It’s gorgeous Southern, historic architecture. It’s food so incredibly delicious that can be found nowhere else on Earth. It’s art in all forms, shapes and sizes. It’s one big, smelly party full of people that are celebrating life. Some perhaps a bit much, but still celebrating nonetheless. But beyond all of the partying and drinking and neon lights and great food, at the very heart and soul of the Big Easy… music. Jazz, actually. Pure, raw, live jazz. 

If there were any chances left of me not being completely in love with the city after the food, the hurricanes (the drink, not the storm), the architecture, the doberge cake….

Oh my heavens…the doberge cake. Girlfriend…you don’t EVEN know..*snaps fingers*….thin layer upon layer upon layer of rich, moist cake, separated only by the most incredibly smooth, light, rich chocolate frosting you’ve ever had. New Orleans is the only place I’ve ever found it, and if I lived there, in 6 months I’d weigh 900 lbs and be one of those nice folks they have to remove from their house with the assistance of a crane and large amounts of Crisco.

Where was I…ah yes..

If there was any chance left of me not being in love with the city after all of those things, the night I stumbled (literally) onto the Maison Bourbon Jazz Hall in the French Quarter, I was irrevocably and forever in love with New Orleans. It’s crowded, dirty, loud, filled with smoke..and I absolutely love it. If you’re able to catch Jamil Sharif and his band playing, it’s some of the best live jazz music you’ll hear. 

If you can’t tell, I really love New Orleans.

All that said, when Seann and Meagan mentioned the possibility of doing an engagement session there, I absolutely jumped at the chance. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot there a few times, but this was hands down one of the most enjoyable sessions. As you can tell, they’re a completely serious couple with absolutely no personality whatsoever, and hate having their pictures taken. But we made it through somehow, and finished their session moments before a huge thunderstorm hit the city. 


Sincere and special thanks to the uber-talented  Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for enduring the 3 hour car ride to shoot with me, and to Miss Polka of Polka Dot Bride for being extremely kind to me by featuring this session on her blog.


Laissez le bon temps rouler ~



  • Kathy - These are outstanding Brett.. I miss N.O. such cute couple!!ReplyCancel

  • Eric - The color in these is amazing, great photos.ReplyCancel

  • Melissa - These make me want to do every engagement session in The Big Easy…
    Love them!ReplyCancel

First and foremost, I can’t take credit for this idea.

But my memory is so absolutely horrible, I can’t for the life of me recall where I either read, heard or otherwise became aware of this idea. If someone knows, by all means let me know and I’ll gladly pass long the credit.

It’s now my favorite standby technique to get some super fun shots of the couple. The concept is to have either one of the couple whisper something incredibly dirty into their partner’s ear on the count of three. That’s it. Focus on the recipient’s face, and viola! Completely non-rehearsed, honest emotional response.


This set courtesy of Stefanie and John’s San Diego engagement session a couple of months ago. Kinda cute aren’t they?


Till then darlings ~


It’s Monday.

And that calls for something completely serious.

This is a collection of my favorite behind the scenes shots of people, places and weird things I find that never (usually) make it to the blog. I absolutely love getting whomever I’m taking photos of at the moment laugh hysterically. Ten additional points if they snort.

The first photo is one of my all time favorites, and therefore gets it’s own full sized spot at the front of the line. This was one of several attempts at a quick family shot during a wedding last year. It was blazing hot, full sun, kids were absolutely not wanting to stand still, add to that the candy someone had slipped the kids a bit earlier, and thus was born this shot. I absolutely love how each person’s face in the photo tells a completely different story.

The mother, bless her heart, stayed focused on me the entire time. Stay strong mom. Little sister obviously wasn’t a fan, little brother number 1 on the bottom left, howling his disapproval at wearing a tie and being forced to stand still, the father, whispering sweet and gentle reminders to little brother number 2…..and there it is…

Little brother number 2. Little Rocker Dude. Brother screaming, sister pouting, heartfelt instructions coming from dad directly overhead, 100 degrees F. in the full sun, jacked up on sugar….and at the last minute, he throws his arms up and tells the entire world what he thinks about this particular situation.

Rock on little dude. Rock on.


  • Kelley - Those are awesome:) I love the first family shot! I’d say 99% of the ones we attempt of our family turn out something like that… which we’ve proudly displayed on the wall.ReplyCancel

  • Kyle Isenhower - I like how you slipped the banjo pic in there.ReplyCancel

  • Chris Stewart - Why didn’t I read this post before. This is a great post and shows the other side of photography that no one else sees. I love it.ReplyCancel

I absolutely loved this wedding.

Michele and Matt are two of the sweetest people you could ever hope to meet, and their day went beautifully!

Many sincere thanks to the always awesome wedding designer extraordinaire, Cherrie Denney for a beautifully done day from start to finish, complete with working around a huge downpour during the reception.

This also was my first chance to meet the incredible people from Aloha Productions, Inc who provided the bar service and SUPER talented dancers for the evening’s entertainment. Absolutely loved working with them.

The wedding was held at Paradise Cove in Orlando, FL.