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First off, I have to warn you the readers that this post contains questionable content. 

As in, why was there a car with two inflatable dolls sticking out of the sunroof driving through downtown? I’ll probably never know the answer to that question, but I had to include the shot. Even more disturbing to me than the actual dolls in the sunroof, was the fact that our cab driver didn’t find it at all amusing. In fact, he seemed like a fairly unhappy person in general. I was going to try to get a quick shot of him, but for one of the few times in my life better judgement won out.

This session was great from start to finish. Beautiful couple, beautiful city, finally ending the night with one of my favorite shots in which the sign above the couple made for several moments of great laughs. 

I mean how you could not take that shot. Honestly. 


Sincere thanks as always to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for adding beautiful images to this set. 


~ B


  • Candace - I love your fresh perspective on Chicago. Living here, I love seeing you capture the couple as part of the city, not displaying the city with them in the frame. Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Todd - You’ve got a great eye! Too many ‘photographers’ are nothing more than folks with expensive cameras who miss the essence of photos as art. I don’t often take time to comment on other photographer’s photos, but yours certainly deserved it!

    Well done,


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I loved this session. 


Two of the coolest people on the planet, an incredible location, ending the night with great food and a few bottles of wine shared among friends. Granted, that made waking up for the sunrise session on the beach a tad rough, but we managed alright. 

Sincere thanks to Sandy and Kiel for letting a couple of crazy photographers crash their house and being completely and totally gracious, and to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for once again creating beautiful photos and enduring yet another road trip with me.


Stay warm ~



I’ve been blogstipated. 

*audience laughs*

No really.


In between life going completely crazy, the beginning of the holidays and keeping my physique at a level of perfection that only Bob Ross’s massive ‘fro could have rivaled in the awesomenicityness department, it’s been a busy past few weeks. 

This wedding is one of my favorites. I’m not going to ramble about it endlessly like I want to, but suffice to say that Jackie and Brandon are an amazing, fun and super sweet couple, Lake Tahoe made for a perfect backdrop for a beautiful wedding aboard the Bleu Wave , and Arthur Hervey (aka Arty the Party) brought down the house like no one else at Harrah’s Casino that night for the reception. I will never, ever forget the final bit of greatness for the evening, as Brandon grabbed the mic and sang Rebel Yell to a stunned audience and his bride. 

For giggles, you can find a YouTube clip of that here

As a side thought, the rehearsal dinner was awesome. Beer and BBQ with family and friends, completely relaxed, simple and extremely fun. Loved it. 

A sincere and special thanks to for equipment graciously provided. The gear used during this wedding is as follows:

2 Canon EOS 5D MK II’s

1 Canon  EF 50mm f/1.2L

1 Canon EF 24-70mm f/2.8L

2 Canon 580 EX II‘s

1 Pelican 1510 Case


Stay warm my friends,


I’m fairly certain I have ADD. 


I’ll sit down at the iMac to work on something, three other things will become suddenly interesting, that will somehow lead to a couple of phone calls I forgot to make, which somehow leads to me cleaning out the storage shed, then someone will throw something shiny and I’ll forget what I was doing completely. 

That said, I’m currently in the process of editing Meagan and Seann’s wedding, and came across these photos. Naturally I thought they deserved their own blog post, and thusly here they are. 

For future reference, I think every bride and groom should have fake mustaches on standby. Just in case. And some extra glue perhaps….