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Occasionally I’ll have the opportunity to assist someone during a shoot, be it holding the camera bags, providing comic relief, or being the mandatory abnormally sexy person on set.


I mean come on, someone has to be. 


This is from a shoot I had the privilege of tagging along with Avant Images on during the first part of last year. It’s sat in the archives for awhile, and I kept coming back to it, no clue what to do with it. But I really like the shots, and wanted to share them. The couple had decided to do a themed shoot based on the movie The Notebook, and they pulled it off beautifully. 


Hope you enjoy them ~





Like an elderly waitress told me one night at a truck stop in North Dakota, ” Just because it’s been around awhile doesn’t mean it ain’t worth looking at.”

At the time I thought she was referring to a ’65 Mustang that had just pulled up outside, but now that I type that, I’m not entirely sure what she was referring to.




That said, I wanted to pull this wedding out of the archives and share it once again. I absolutely still love seeing the photos and reliving the memories. 

Dan and Cherrie’s wedding in Key West still stands as one of the all time greatest weddings I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. The partying, at least for me, started on Thursday and continued into Sunday, with a boat ride and a wedding thrown in somewhere along the way. I’ll spare my personal feelings on them, as I’m pretty sure I explained that well enough in the previous post. 

They’re dear friends, and I absolutely loved their wedding. Their reception was held at the beautiful Reach Resort in Key West. 

Sincere thanks to Julie of J. Photography and Andrea of Andrea Murphy Photography for making this entire trip a completely rocking occasion and getting some great, great shots. 


I’m not great with words. 


At best, I spazz out something slightly comical and sarcastic, toss in a few photos that are mediocre if anything, and call it a blog. 


The comedic is easy for me. The avoidance of all things painful, awkward and uncomfortable is safe. 


But I can’t do that with this blog.


Dan and Cherrie are close friends. I love them both dearly, bug them more than I probably should, and have spent many a night in random places solving the problems of the geek world with Dan. Usually with a cold Amstel Light in hand. They briefly started out as clients, but after the second engagement session, all professionalism was shot to hell, a bromance had begun between Dan and I, and Cherrie ….well Cherrie is just an awesome person that you can’t help but love. And then came their wedding in Key West, Florida. It was at the wedding that I met Dan’s family (hi mom!) and Cherrie’s family (Ed and Eddie! *flex*), and also met Ana aka Chickie P., Cherrie’s little sister. And I seriously mean little. I’m not entirely sure she’s even 5′ tall. 

But one of the amazing things about her is her personality is so much bigger than her body.


Completely hysterical.


Incredibly kind.


One of the genuinely sweetest people I’ve ever met. 


There’s no way to be around her for any length of time and not be smiling, or cracking up at something she said. She’s someone that when you meet her, you never forget her. 


And she has cancer. 


I’m not going into the details, because I honestly don’t know all of them. I know that she’s fought, so very hard. Again with strength and will and determination, far greater than her tiny stature. To say that she’s an inspiration to both myself and everyone around her is a gross understatement.


I hate cancer. And as much as I and everyone else have wanted it to go away, it hasn’t.

I hate feeling powerless to help someone.

As I said, I’m not good with words. 


For those of you who pray, I ask for your prayers for her and her family. If you’re into sending positive thoughts, or simply pausing to think of another incredibly selfless and caring human being, I ask you to do that as well. It would mean so much to both Ana and her family. 


Sincere thanks  ~






Once upon a time there was a young couple. 

He was military, she was slightly crazy. But they were madly in love, so it all evened out. 

And because she was slightly crazy, they hired me, and thus this story began. 


If I haven’t said it lately, I love Key West.

While all of the Florida Keys are unique and pretty, having very much an island feel to all of them, the farther you drive (or fly) away from the tip of Florida the more you’re surrounded by people that are quite happy with their island existence of bicycles, crab traps, flip flops, and not certain if the lower keys technically belong to the United States or not. In fact, if you spend any time with a few of the die hard locals, you’ll get several factual (rum-infused) reasons why Key West is it’s own country and wants absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the U.S. 

It’s basically a funky, cleaner version of New Orleans. Less puddles of  questionable liquids on the streets,  more cross-dressing bars, and if you walk too far down Duval Street either way, you’ll fall in the ocean.  And if you fall in the ocean, you’ll probably get attacked by the giant rock-ray of death. (Story of that here for those just joining us.)


That said, I love Key West. And I love this couple.


And did I mention there was a tractor? Heck yeah. And cake in the face? Yes, please. And a hundred million points to the couple for holding perfectly still long enough to pull off the long exposure shot at the end. 


Sincere thanks to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for working with me on this wedding, creating beautiful work as always. 


Key West, I’ll see you soon ~