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Let me first say that if you ever have the chance to drive across Kansas, pass on it.

There’s a lot of other things you could do that would give you the same amount of satisfaction, like…oh…sticking your hand in a blender while it’s running at top speed. Then pouring hot sauce on what’s left of your hand. Then letting an angry raccoon chew on it. While pouring nail polish remover in your eye.

Not that I have any issues with Kansas..

But once you actually get through Kansas, and make it to Colorado, life is once again worth living. Snow capped mountains, beautiful scenery, and Denver. I’m kind of fond of Denver. Micro-breweries galore, great food, beautiful mountains a short drive away, and of course Einstein Bagels are abundant. I’ll save my sick obsession with that place for another blog though.

Jackie and James got married at May Farms right outside of Denver in Byers, CO. The weather was beautiful, sunset was gorgeous, and everything came together for a really great wedding. 


Sincere thanks to Jeremiah Spray for making the trek down from Montana to shoot this wedding with me, and getting incredibly awesome shots during it. I can’t express the creative genius of this guy, but shooting with him is a blast. I’ll see you in Montana in a couple of weeks my friend. 




In case you haven’t noticed by now, there’s no particular order to my blog posts. 

*audience laughs*


No, really. I’m serious. 


This is from a wedding I shot in December, and every time I go back through the photos I end up laughing at the memory of the moment. 


The bride and groom had just finished the bouquet and garter toss, at which point the guy that catches the garter gets to put it on the leg of whomever caught the bouquet. Which actually was a bridesmaid, but as soon as the groomsman that caught the garter was blindfolded, the father of the groom took the bridesmaid’s place in the Chair O’ Lovin. 


Blindfolded dude. Pushing a garter up dad’s leg. And the blindfolded dude kept pushing. 

And then the blindfold came off. 


I’ve never laughed so hard at a wedding, and simply wanted to share the moment. 


Cheers ~



For some reason I always either end up in the water,  laying on the ground, or perched vicariously on something not meant to hold anyone that weighs over 15 pounds, hoping not to get caught. 

And no, I’m not talking about every time I go to Vegas.

I’m talking about my engagement sessions. 


This particular adventure, I ended up in some fairly nasty saltwater, accompanied by my friends/future clients, Sarah Adkins who had joined me on the shoot, along with her sweetheart/rose-petal-tosser extraordinaire  Adelle Charles. Sincere thanks to them both for flying down and spending the weekend with me!

Peter and Marianne are absolutely hysterical to hang out with. We shot an evening session in Pensacola, FL then got up fairly early the next morning and shot a second session at Eden Gardens State Park, outside of Destin, FL. It’s an absolutely beautiful location, and the weather was perfect.

And for extra giggles, I included the “Dirty Thoughts” series of shots from their session. Marianne, ten points for whatever you whispered in his ear. 

Thanks to you both for putting up with my insanity for a night and a day.

I had a blast!



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  • Kirsten Alana - You are a master of moment/candid emotion capturing and portraiture. ‘Nuf said.ReplyCancel

  • Samantha Lord - Hi Brett, I just came across your work through another photographer who lives in my area (Bozeman, MT). I LOVE IT! Plus, your writing is absolutely hilarious! And while I usually hate when people point out typos in my posts (I get it, you like being a grammar Nazi), I literally laughed out loud when I read that you perch ‘vicariously.’ I’m pretty sure you meant ‘precariously,’ but vicariously just makes it awesome. And now here’s the end of a very long comment from a very new fan ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Jeremiah Daniel - Dude. Did I ever tell you how much I like this set? Well yeah. I do:)ReplyCancel

” Nothing says true love like a giant chicken.” ~ Me


Seriously. A huge chicken actually. 

In Marietta, GA. It’s actually a Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant, with a huge chicken built on top of it. Those of you who follow along on Twitter will know which one I’m referring to, and those of you who don’t…well…you should. You get all kinds of neat bits of wisdom and behind the scenes goodness. 


My first encounter with Maegan and Andrew was on the beach outside Destin, FL. We had a great time working together, took some fun photos, and called it happy. Then through much begging and pleading (mine, not theirs), we decided to do another session in Atlanta, GA a couple of weekends ago. It was a blast, I fell in love with the town square in Marietta, and we got some crazy cool shots out of it. 

Seriously. Street musicians, giant chickens, and even an extra shot of Maegan and I being completely serious during a break.


I’m not entirely sure it gets better than that. 


 ~ B


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  • Ronnie - Bad-ass ๐Ÿ™‚ Love these man! And I remember the chicken! You sir, are a funny guy too! And that’s one reason I keep coming back ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Haley Poulos (Colorado Wedding Photographer) - Oh! I just found your blog (via CLโ€”I’m in the Denver area) and I love it! Love your work, love your commentary, it’s all good stuff. I travel to Tulsa frequently (family there); if you’re ever in need of a second shooter, holler!
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  • Denise - This post blows me away. Phenomenal images! Not just pretty to look at–I totally “feel” the moment. Beautiful!ReplyCancel

It was really cold that day. 


“How cold was it?!”


Well, the dogs weren’t sticking to the fire hydrants, but it was still really cold. 


Sterry and Jacob had their engagement session shot in Atlanta, Georgia in mid-december, and the three of us had a blast working together. Aside from the shivering and an almost-ugly encounter with Chinese food from Hell, the trip was a success. Can’t wait for warmer temps for their wedding in Florida later this year!