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Jamie saved me from an elderly woman once. 

It would be awesome if I followed that with the actual story, wouldn’t it?

I’ll instead say that getting to hang out for two separate and completely fun sessions with a friend/photographer/wingman/bouncer is an awesome thing. (Jamie’s bridal session here.)


Jamie and Rob were married at the Destin Bay House in Destin, Florida. She also had one of the prettiest bouquets I’ve ever seen, courtesy of Brittney Wortman at Our Greenhouse, LLC ( 850-543-3131).

 The day turned out beautifully, with everything from a surprise visit from a dragonfly, to a rainbow, to a completely successful dirty thoughts routine. High-five, Jamie. 

Ending this blog with a long exposure shot of the venue at night.

Loved this wedding.








  • Destin Wedding - Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and the location is perfect for Destin. The Bay is really beautiful and i have toured the Destin Bay House, We are reserving several future brides for this location. Congratulations to the above bride and groom.ReplyCancel

I honestly can’t tell you how this entire shoot came about. 


I remember driving to Bozeman, Montana to hang out with Jeremiah Spray, then onward to Missoula go shoot some people in love and their goats, too. ( No really. Click here.)


Something about pulling up to his house, running in slow motion towards each other, doves flying up in between us, going for a slow-mo chest bump, completely missing each other, and then falling over. 

Or maybe I just made that up. 

Either way, we hung out, found some people in love, and shot them. Or Jeremiah shot them rather, while I shot Jeremiah and basically did a whole lot of not much while watching him work. You can see his blog on them here.

Have I mentioned he’s an incredible photographer? Not in that, this person is another photographer that’s a friend of mine so I’m going to be nice and pat them on the head and say nice things about them..kinda way.

More the….this guy freaks me out with how good he is and watching him work is kinda depressing sometimes and inspiring at the same time…kinda way. So yeah, I like working with him.


Heather and Kevin (and Jeremiah) we’re kind enough to let me tag along during their engagement shoot last year in Bozeman, MT. And for those of you that haven’t been to Bozeman, go. But not if you’re in a hurry. In fact, don’t do anything in Montana if you’re in a hurry. You’ll get a lot of weird looks and you’ll miss it completely. Go to Bozeman, sit in the middle of downtown in a coffee shop, then pop next door and grab a burger and beer, then stroll down to the music store and pick up a banjo if you’re inclined to, then hike up the huge mountain outside of town.

But wait at least an hour after the burger and beer. (Trust me.)

Random shots I wanted to share of a seriously fun couple, on a really great trip. 





Amy and Paul were married in St. George Island, Florida a few months ago. 

The weather was perfect, the location beautiful, and to make a great day even better, Paul sprayed the guests with silly string on his way back down the aisle. That was just all kinds of awesome. 

Amy and Paul were gracious enough to endure my requests to ” HOLD STILL….HOLD IT…..HOOOOOOOOLD IT!!!”….during the final long exposure shot of the night, but we got the shot we wanted and all worked out splendidly. 


Add to all of that the home brewed beer that was enjoyed by all during the reception, and I’ll call that a great beach wedding. 





  • Roxanne - If you had told me this is just what I need to look at in Sudan today, I’d tell you that you are lying. These are whimsical, playful, and lovely — as your photographs always are. Ironically, photography is prohibited where I am and can only be practiced by government permit only (even if you are photographing your own backyard). I wonder how wedding photographers cope here…ReplyCancel

  • Jessica Campbell - Is it way too corny if I say that wedding looked “beachin’?”ReplyCancel

I once agreed to do a wedding in partial trade for a baby goat and a bottle of vodka. 

That sounds like a lead-in to a joke, doesn’t it. I’m actually serious. 


It was a really cute goat though, if that helps. 


Natalie and Tim were married on their ranch outside of Missoula, Montana. Missoula is that quirky, awesome little town that is on my top three favorite places to shoot list, the other two being Lake Tahoe and Key West. If I have any remotely decent reason to go there, I’ll go. And if someone calls and tells me they’re getting married on a ranch with goats and yaks, and do I want a baby goat and some vodka as well…….then that’s a big, fat yes. Actually. 

I honestly had every intention of bringing my baby goat home, but somewhere between buying a crate large enough for it, and explaining to the hotel clerk on the way home why my dog went ” Ba-a-a-a-a-aaa” instead of ” woof”, I figured it best just to be a foster parent and send him money once in awhile. It works out better this way, as I get random updates on him and have a picture he drew with his little hoof prints on my office wall. 

The wedding was at an incredible location, the food was outstanding, we laughed pretty much constantly throughout the entire day, and I somehow ended up in the water again taking pictures. Go figure. To end an incredible day, we all took turns with a Colt .45 and did some target practice on an ill-fated stump. The last photo in this post is Natalie’s dad, and a very, very lucky shot of catching the bullet in the frame. I can now say I caught a bullet at a wedding.

One highlight out of the day was the neighbors that randomly drove past on their horse-drawn wagon and ended up giving the bride and groom (and some crazy photographer) a ride.

Did I mention the cake was from Bernice’s Bakery, complete with huckleberry filling? I have a dirty love affair with that place. It’s kind of amazing. 

Sincere thanks and utmost admiration to Jeremiah Spray for spending a few days on the road with me and shooting the wedding as well. You, sir, are a madman and a great photographer. 


Seriously, though. My goat. He’s awesome, huh?





  • Jay - Fantastic photos. Baby goat is damn near as cute as my baby human.ReplyCancel

  • Katie Grubb - Brett, you did such a wonderful job, and we had so much fun! You and Jeremiah were very much part of the party, and it shows. I hope we can have you join another family party in the future!ReplyCancel

  • Ronnie - Love it! Glad you had a blast in my neck of the woods 🙂ReplyCancel

I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. 

And before all of you knock your coffee cups over trying to open your email so you can write and respond to that statement….let me clarify the reason for that statement and say that I usually post a lot of engagement sessions. Lots. I love engagement sessions. And it’s actually been a few months since I have. 

That said, I met up with Jen and Brad (and Nelly) outside of Destin, Florida a while ago. A quick stop at Eden Gardens State Park, a random field, a brief break for some ice cream, and ending the night in the town of Seaside. Completely sweet couple, super fun session, and Nelly and I got to spend quality time together ( I can hold a leash and shoot at the same time. I did not know this about myself.)

Throw in a marvelous reaction by Brad to whatever Jen whispered, and I’ll call that a great session.