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An alternate title for this blog could be, ” A Really Cool Wedding, and also How I Almost Got Eaten by a Bear While My Friend Laughed Hysterically in the Car”, but it didn’t flow quite as nicely. 


I think this is where I’m supposed to say something sweet about the couple, prance around the room throwing rainbows at you, the reader, while I fill your head with Pinterest ideas and visions of unicorns dancing on your heads. 


Being the creative, reclusive outcast that I am, I’m going to skip all of that. You’re welcome. 


I don’t have enough room or time in this blog to express my complete thoughts about Montana. To tell you that I love it there doesn’t adequately convey my thoughts or feelings towards it. I will say that barring any unforeseen catastrophes, such as …oh…I dunno…being broke the rest of my life…I’ll live there someday, at least part time. If I could be the little old guy in the mountains yelling at bears to get off my lawn, that would be perfect. Winnebago Man with a dash of Walter White. Done.

This was the second wedding I shot in Montana this year, and for this trip I had conned, I mean, invited my good friend Bryan Bartlett to fly into Whitefish, MT and make the drive up into Glacier Park to Many Glacier Hotel with me to shoot the wedding. I didn’t technically need a second photographer, but Bryan had never been to Montana, he’s an incredible photographer with all things digital and film, and honestly I just wanted someone to trip in case I had to outrun bears or wolves. 


The adventures of Bryan and myself during this trip would actually be a completely separate blog. Between me falling out of the rental car and almost knocking myself out while a large grizzly walked in front of the car and Bryan laughed hysterically in the passenger seat, to me watching him almost fall down the side of a mountain, to Bryan, myself, and our friend Jeremiah Spray sitting on Jeremiah’s front porch fending off an extremely intoxicated Honduran at 3 in the morning, to all of it finally catching up to Bryan and I while we sat in a very nice restaurant in Bozeman, Montana. Between the exhaustion, the adrenaline, the, ” Holy cow we could’ve died in so many ways but we’re manly men and lived! *FLEX*”, we got a really loud case of the hysterical giggles for about half an hour. 

I’ve learned that when you’re laughing hysterically and trying to tell an expressionless waitress that you’re not intoxicated at all, she won’t believe you.

There’s that. 

On a serious note, and though I’ve said it before, I love Bryan’s work. Yes his hair is better than mine, yes he wears pants that I couldn’t fit my left ankle into, but the man is a genius with film. Normally I’ll include a second photographer’s work in and amongst all the photos I post, but I left Bryan’s in their own little world at the end of this one. The last photo I shot is Bethany and Adam sitting on the bumper of the red Glacier Park jammer (bus). The series of black and whites after that start all of Bryan’s work, all film, all untouched. Lastly, Bryan and I were testing light in the middle of the woods, ended up looking like convicts on the run, so naturally I included those in the blog. 


To Bethany and Adam, we love you guys. Thanks for the adventure. See you in Austin soon.


To Bryan, no one will ever understand the sheer terror of almost being eaten by a bear while listening to you laugh hysterically to whatever emo song was playing in the background at that particular moment. I’m going to pretend you would’ve actually gotten out of the car and hit the bear over the head with your pile of vintage camera gear had anything actually happened. 


To everyone else, brace yourselves. Here comes a whole lossa photos ~





I don’t usually do a lot of previews on the blog. 

Well. For that matter, I don’t usually blog a lot. It’s on my list of Things To Do When I Have Time To Make A List. But I actually misplaced that list awhile back.

I’m currently sitting in Jeremiah and Rachel Spray’s living room in Whitefish, Montana, listening to Jeremiah and Bryan Bartlett discuss their hipster film techniques, good coffee, nice shoes, and hair product. I seriously don’t have jeans tight enough to match these guys, but they’re great friends. On a completely private note, because they’ll never see this of course, they’re two of my favorite guys to shoot with. The amount of creativity and talent in their fashionable heads is amazing. But all that aside, Bryan flew in to Montana to hang out with me for the wedding yesterday. There’s no way to describe the scenery through words, so I’ll save that for the wedding blog. From start to finish, the trip’s been awesome. 

Well. Aside from the part where we went off-roading in the rental car, saw a grizzly bear in front of the car, I realized my camera was in the trunk, threw the door open to get the camera, fell out of the car at the same moment the door flew back and smashed my head, all while we both laughed like idiots and the bear kept walking away shaking it’s head and sighing heavily. At least that’s what I would’ve done if I were the bear. 

 This is one of the photos from yesterday, and I wanted to share with you guys. In the words of  National Geographic photographer Jim Richardson, ” If you want to be a better photographer, stand in front of more interesting stuff.”

Thanks, Montana, for some of the most “interesting stuff ” I’ve ever seen. 



This is one of those blogs that has so many photos in it, I’m just going to keep the blabbing to a minimum. You’re welcome. 


Jamie and Chris were married last year in Long Island, New York. We stopped by the absolutely beautiful Salt Air Farm for some photos before the wedding, then headed over to Pellegrini Vineyards for the ceremony and reception. Beautiful views and great wine. That’ll do, kids. That’ll do. 


Sincere thanks to Wes and Danielle Hope for tagging along on this crazy road trip and creating gorgeous work as always. That adventure could probably make another blog all on it’s own. 





  • Chris - I love these photos and enjoy them immensely every time we scroll through them. You da man, Brett Birdsong!

    You captured the emotions and expressions and love that we all shared on that wedding weekend.

    Chris and Jamie CarboneReplyCancel

Alicia and Ryan were were married at the Chesapeake Resort in Islamorada, Florida. The weather was beautiful, the location stunning, and we topped off the evening with a huge full moon rising over the water. 

One of my favorite parts of this wedding was the note Alicia sent over to Ryan before the wedding, and his response back to her. Crazy, sweet, fun couple. 

Loved this wedding ~



  • Jiuli - Brett!!!! These images are GORGEOUS!! Absolutely love every single image…especially the last one!!ReplyCancel

  • Meg - Uh…yeah. That last one is perfect. Really.ReplyCancel

To say that I sometimes get behind in blogging is like saying that I wouldn’t tackle an elderly person carrying a box of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. 


(Which, of course, I wouldn’t. Maybe. Ish.)


The wedding of Meagan and Seann took place in St. Charles, Missouri in 2010. This would be the same couple that I’d spent a day in New Orleans with prior to their wedding for their engagement session. (If either of you read this, please tell me you remember the angry drunk guy that thought I insulted the weight of the mannequin he was hanging out with. That was awesome.) That engagement session can be found here

Their day was absolutely beautiful from start to finish. After the ceremony, we hopped a party bus, accidentally found ourselves at a local bar (oops), broke out some fake moustaches, and a great time was had by all.

One of my all time favorite couples.

Sincere thanks to Tiffany of Avant Images for shooting this wedding with me. 





  • Ronnie - Awesome post ๐Ÿ™‚ Great images, inspiring to say the least. Always a fan ๐Ÿ™‚ReplyCancel

  • Jiuli - Knock over an elderly person for Thin Mints… crack me up!
    What a gorgeous wedding!!! Awesome job as usual!ReplyCancel