Dear you,

I am not a traditional wedding photographer.


I do not care about awards or being published.


I believe happy clients are the only wedding awards that matter.


I believe photos of laughter and hugs mean more than photos of place settings and vintage furniture.


I've photographed weddings in twenty-one states, Canada, and Mexico thanks to word of mouth advertising from my clients and their families.


I've done photography full time for thirteen years, and I love what I do.


I do not play well with others if they try to interfere with your photos during your wedding day, however highly they may regard themselves. #blessed









One of the most common things my brides tell me is that their grooms don’t like to have their photos taken, or that they don’t like smiling in photos. And I’ll be really honest, I get it. Any time someone puts a camera in my face, I turn into Joe Pesci from Casino and mentally start doing unspeakable things to whomever’s trying to take photos of me with their own camera.


That said, I know how uncomfortable it is for some people to have a camera in their face. And I also know that making you both comfortable during your photos is super important. There are absolutely no cheesy lines of romance I will make you recite while staring longingly into each other’s eyes, no glittery unicorns of fabulousness ridden by Martha Stewart that will prance around while we take photos, just a lot sarcasm, laughter, and unfiltered honesty.










“For our wedding we wanted to find a

photographer that made my husband and I feel relaxed, could capture us being us, took beautiful pictures, and was easy to work with. That is exactly what we got and WAY more with Birdsong Photography. After the first phone call with Brett, my husband and I looked at each other and said well he is the one. The first time we met Brett was for our engagement session (highly recommend because it got out all our nerves). Immediately Brett made us feel at ease and like we had been friends for years. We laughed SO hard and it was SO fun. Brett got my husband to smile and not feel awkward in front of a camera, ladies you know what I mean!!! The moment we got our engagement session back my husband and I both cried. The photos were unbelievable. When it came to the wedding day I didn’t have to worry about anything. I let Brett do his thing, and once again he created magic. I loved that throughout the whole wedding planning process, Brett just wanted to make sure my husband and I were happy. To this day my husband cries when he looks through our gallery because the raw emotion that Brett was able to capture was breathtaking. I cannot recommend him enough. Not only did we get amazing pictures, but gained a forever friend. –xo “

Spencer & Liz Herrmann


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