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elie & jordan ~ engagement ~ lamar, missouri wedding photographer


I have a weird allergy. 



I’m allergic to jerks. 



I’m especially allergic to jerks that are overall assholes to other people. If, in fact, you are a venue, photographer, human being, etc, and it’s discovered that your secret identity is in fact a hellacious douchebag of an individual, word will spread rapidly, I’ll probably mock you mercilessly on social media, and if you’re a SUPER big fat jerkface, I’ll even write a blog about you. 


Once upon a time there was a really sweet couple that hired a photographer to take their photos. Their session was bland at best, and then, in one of those moments of extreme assholery, their photographer switched his prices and things got stupid expensive once their shoot was finished. And they couldn’t afford it, nor should they have to. 


But then, turns out they were friends of one of my bestest photographer friends ever. And that photographer friend told me what had happened. And so I then drove to Missouri and shot their session myself for a couple of beers and a tank of gas. 


Because you just ought not to be a jerkface to folks. 


Quote that. 


Elie and Jordan, you guys are amazing and wonderful and I’m glad we got to hang out. Thanks for the laughs. And the beers. 






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