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andrea & matt ~ skyloft, university of tulsa, cain’s ballroom wedding ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

There’s so many completely amazing moments to this wedding….


One of which was standing in the middle of the street in downtown Tulsa and having the bridesmaids scream at me as loudly as they could. Why? I have no earthly clue, but it made a fun photo, and that’s what I wanted. 


The entire day was amazing. Starting out at the Skyloft in Tulsa, then heading over to the University of Tulsa where Matt originally proposed to Andrea with a brick he’d had made and placed on the grounds there, and then finally ending up at the completely awesome Cain’s Ballroom for the reception. 


The night ended with one of my favorite sparkler shots I’ve ever done. The added bonus was that the location we were in that night was just a little bit sketchy, and we scared off some kids making out in their car that was parked close by. Come to think of it, if I was somewhere in the middle of the night trying to make out with someone in a car, and suddenly this bearded bald guy showed up and started yelling at these two people to keep kissing and hold still while he ran around them in circles with sparklers….I’d probably freak out and go home, too. 


Sorry, kids. 


To Andrea & Matt, thanks for an absolutely wonderful wedding day. 






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