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paige & sidney ~ skelly lodge wedding ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer


It’s 19 degrees outside. 


I’m drinking gas station coffee. 


Not the respectable kind of gas station, either. The kind of gas station where you know at some point innocence has been lost, and those little glass pipes they sell for “novelty” purposes are everywhere. 


In other news, I love how putting quotations around a word makes it completely and totally suspicious.


Like WeddingWire “award”. Wedding show “discount”. The van that has “candy” in it. That one old boyfriend that was “straight”. 


I digress. 


Paige and Sidney got married at the gorgeous Skelly Lodge, and their entire day was awesome. Ten thousand points for Sidney’s reaction to the boudoir album he got as a wedding present from Paige. Do people smile that big when they get watches? No. No they do not. 


Paige and Sidney, thanks so much for letting me be a part of your day, and thanks for holding still long enough for a great sparkler shot. 






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