katie & justin ~ whitefish montana wedding ~ whitefish montana wedding photographer


I love Montana. 


I know in every blog post for a Montana wedding I always say I’m going to live there part time someday, so I won’t leave you hanging on this post; I’m going to live there part time someday. Most likely in a cabin in the woods in my rocking chair with hair growing out of my ears and nose and yelling at moose to get off my lawn. 


Mooses.  Meese. 


I digress. 


Katie and Justin were married on the shores of Whitefish Lake in Whitefish, Montana. They and their families are absolutely wonderful people, and I even got to play with another awesome puppy at this wedding. I’m starting to notice a pattern of that, and I’m totally ok with it. 


To Katie & Justin, thanks for allowing me to come to one of my all time favorite places ever. 







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