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disney songs, road trips, and a random cowboy ~ a 2014 recap ~ tulsa, oklahoma wedding photographer


We have an unspoken rule in the office.


When the stress is crazy, when we’re both frustrated, when we want to reach through our iMac screens and throat punch whomever/whatever is on the other side, we turn on Disney songs.


And we sing. Really loudly.


For some reason I put a surround sound system in the office, so the Little Mermaid can rattle our brains effectively.


Is there any moral to this story? No. There isn’t. Other than the fact I have a really great office manager that I’m super proud of  as of this year. You’ll meet her a little bit later in this blog.



This year was incredible.


Really incredible.


More than one really incredible. 

Countless road trips, absolutely amazing clients, and a plethora of great memories. And while I know I’m probably supposed to leave you with some Pinterestgasm of unicorn sharting warm and fuzzy feel good stuff, I have none to give you. So instead of a long winded blog post, I’m once again keeping it short and (mostly) sweet this year and leaving you with a random gathering of some shots that didn’t make the blog, some that did. 


To all of my past clients this year, well played, everyone. Thanks for amazing stories to share and some gorgeous scenery along the way. To my current clients and all the new ones, I can’t wait to hang out with you guys. 


To Alaina, my all-knowing, all-seeing, ever-patient office manager, thanks for being able to translate the grunts and random, half finished thoughts into actual progress. Thanks for making me look a lot cooler than I am. Thanks for singing Disney songs with me on the crazy days. 










From a shoot I did in Sedona, Arizona this year. This guy came along to help us wrangle horses during the shoot, and I snuck a shot of him while he watched the couple. I love random stuff like this.


I typically drive everywhere I go for weddings. This trip was to Hilton Head, South Carolina for an amazingly fun wedding, and for some reason I thought it was a good idea to rent a convertible Camaro and drive it there and back. I’m not entirely sure how I didn’t end up with a ticket that trip, but miracles happen. Wormsloe Plantation, Savannah, Georgia.


Alaina. I think the exact hiring process went something like, ” You know I’m completely crazy, right?” …….” Yep. Totally not worried.” Best. Employee. Ehvar.


This originated as an iPhone shot, then I went back the next day and took this shot with the big boy camera. What I didn’t know at the time is that it would end up getting sent out to fire departments and veterans and make a lot of folks really happy. One of my favorite photos I’ve ever taken. #merica


Three of the most talented guys I know. Chris O’Dell, Bryan Bartlett, and Jeremiah Spray. Through drugs and hypnosis, I convinced them all to pack into a Prius with me and drive thousands of miles. This was after hiking several miles up in to Glacier National Park in August. Absolutely amazing trip.


I shot a wedding with these two at a lake in Oklahoma earlier this year. And then I put down my cameras and jumped into the lake with them. Because that’s just what you do sometimes. Thanks to my friend Andi Bravo for snapping this shot.


From the shoot in Sedona, Arizona. During the shoot I found out the two models may have possibly had a thing for each other, and after finding that out, I may have made them kiss a lot. OOPS. #sorrynotsorry


I love this moment. After the couples photos were over, the bride looked over her shoulder and yelled, “Get ready!”, then this happened.

GLacier Park Pano-2

One of my favorite places. Glacier National Park, Montana.


Some friends of mine had their first baby this year. I went to the hospital late at night to make inappropriate jokes and visit them, and brought my camera. The light was horrible, the background wasn’t perfect, and absolutely no one cares about either of those things. Love this shot.


Father’s Day. I grew up going to lake with my family any chance we got, so I decided to repeat that with my kids this year. We even called the front desk and got permission to jump on the beds that night in the hotel room. That was a great trip.


I love my couples. I love the great shots, the long exposure shots, the awe-inspiring shots, all of them. But it all comes back down to a love story between two people, no matter how big or small the wedding, no matter if the photos ever get published or not. I love seeing crazy, stupid love between two people.


One of the roads into Sedona, Arizona. I heart road trips.

Processed with VSCOcam with b5 preset

An iPhone shot from the 4th of July with my little girl. I love light, in whatever random source it may be coming from. And this kid. #merica




I wish all of you crazy, stupid love. 


Bring on 2015.









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