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deanna & kanten ~ skelly lodge wedding ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

You know what I’m about to say, right?


Here it comes. Ready?


I love Skelly Lodge. Love it. Like deep and crazy, probably inappropriate levels, stupid in love with Skelly Lodge. They’re absolutely amazing to work with, they treat their clients incredibly well, and aside from all of that they’re the sweetest people in the world to work with. 


Deanna and Kanten were married a few months ago, and their wedding was absolutely gorgeous. There’s some rumors flying around about me kidnapping a groomsman and a bottle of wine and setting some stuff on fire, but it’s all complete hearsay, none of which has yet to be proven by the district attorney. 


I’m kidding. About the district attorney. 



Oh. And for all of you out there in engagement land that are thinking about doing a first look and have someone telling you ” ERMAHGERD!! DON’T DO IT! IT WON’T BE AS SPECIAL WHEN YOU WALK DOWN THUH AISLE! OH NOESSSS!”, I would like to personally thank Kanten for disproving that fact and proving it to be a complete load of crap. 


They had an amazing first look. And an amazing second look as Deanna came down the aisle.


And we all snotted at both. 









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  • Tammy Klinger - I was one that really wasn’t sure about “us” getting to see the first look. “Us”: the family, the moms, the grandmas, the us. But of course knowing my son I also know how much he loves Deanna, and I knew too it would not matter if it was the first look, the second look, or the twentieth look they would all be the same- filled with love, and pride, and yes tears, just like the rest of “us.” Thank you for capturing it all so perfectly.ReplyCancel

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