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bronwyn & John ~ the mayo hotel wedding ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

Once upon a time there was a really pretty wedding. 


The bride and groom were amazing people. The bride had a wonderful grandma that was feisty, hilarious, had a gorgeous smile and an infectious laugh. 


Shortly after the wedding the bride contacted me late at night because her grandma had passed away. 


And she asked me for all of the vintage shots I took, all of the shots of centerpieces, all of the posed shots in the middle of the street downtown, because she was hoping we could get published in a magazine or on a wedding blog. 



Sounds stupid, right?


It is. 


She asked me for any photos of her and her grandma, because that was some of the last memories they made together. Because that’s what mattered. 


So the next time you find yourself as a photographer wondering what kind of vintage explosion styled shoot you can make so you can get on that joke of a wedding blog or rag of a magazine that no one reads anyway so you can feel all nipply-hard about yourself and your photos, just remember that when you get down to what’s actually important for your clients, those aren’t the shots they’re going to be glad you gave them. Years from now their children aren’t going to give two mouse farts that you got published on some website that is long forgotten memory, buried under the piles of styled shoots, and vintage Pinterest vomit that are piled upon the gigantic dung heap of people trying to get noticed by people that aren’t remotely important. 


If you get more excited about the thought of getting published than at the thought of your clients being happy with their photos,  put your camera down and walk away. Because you’re doing it wrong. 


With a sincere giant middle finger raised to every single wedding blog and magazine that’s taken part in creating a huge swirling commode of anorexic brides and grooms looking forlorn on antique furniture, styled shoots that in the grand scheme of things mean absolutely nothing, and for promoting details and getting published over relationships, love, and things that genuinely matter.


Shoot love. Shoot relationships. Shoot what matters. 



To Bronwyn and John, thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to be a part of your wedding. I absolutely loved getting to hang out with you and your families for a day. 


All the best, 





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