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ashley, corey, & baby ellery ~ the newborn files ~ tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

8I have a confession. 


And to the 5 of you that just reached for the phone to call your lawyers and book your flights to a non-extradition country, have no fear. It’s not that confession. 


I’m not a newborn photographer. Not a baby photographer, not a family photographer, not a kid photographer, not a capturing moments photographer. Heck, according to what’s hip and trendy and cool, I’m probably not even a wedding photographer. 
I think that leaves me in the odd category of just….photographer. The relationship aspect of whomever I’m shooting does it for me. Sure, I know the ins and outs and such of weddings, but the relationship between the two dorks in love is what pulls me in.  I can shoot that. Give me two dorks laughing together and loving on each other, and yep. I’m good. But if you want that anorexic bride in a trendy dress made from the ass-feathers of hummingbirds and the tears of vegans while looking depressed and forlorn staring off into an emo oblivion look, I honestly can’t help you with that. 


Side thought – if that’s how weddings and marriage make you feel, maybe you ought to get that looked at. Just sayin. 

So maybe that makes me a relationship photographer. Who knows. I do know that when Ashley wrote me several months ago and asked if I would shoot a newborn session right after their daughter was born, I remember letting out this weird Spongebob kind of laugh and immediately started looking for newborn photographers in the area to recommend that she call. The last time I saw Ashley and Corey was at the Destin Bay House in Destin, Florida a couple of years ago for their wedding. Absolutely awesome couple, super fun wedding, good times were had by all. But then evidently something happened, I’m not even going to guess what, and now they were about to be new parents. And after a day of staring at her email, I wrote her back. 


“I don’t do newborns.”


But somewhere through the vodka addled annals (hahahaha I said annals) of my mind, it hit me eventually that while I didn’t do newborn sessions, I did do relationships. I can shoot people in crazy stupid love all day long. And these were just people that I knew were in crazy stupid love with each other. Then you just add in another tiny person that they’re in crazy stupid love with, and boom. Hey. I can shoot that. 


And so I did. And this is the result. 


To Ashley and Corey, huge thanks for allowing me in your lives for yet another amazing day. I sincerely hope you guys love these forever. To baby Ellery, holding you for a few moments was all kinds of awesome. Thanks for the unnecessary dose of baby fever.


Well played, kid. Well played. 






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