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to tani & josh ~ and every other amazing client I’ve ever had ~ poems from yours truly

Here’s to my couples, the guys and the gals
that have enough guts to tip sacred cows. 
That know beyond doubt, at the end of the day
nothing sucks quite as much as ” We did it their way.”

Because ten years from now, when you’re smarter and fatter, 
all those other opinions really aren’t going to matter. 
Being true to yourselves by far will outweigh
Making everyone else happy on your wedding day. 

So hug the doubters, and comfort the criers
If you have to, hand out wedding day pacifiers. 
Do as you will. Go crazy, be bold. 
Because you’ve never been ones to do as you’re told. 

To the rebels, the crazies, the brave, and defiant
You have all my love, you insanely cool clients. 
Go forth, get hitched, bring the mad monkey love
And we’ll graciously tell haters, their opinions to shove. 



To Tani and Josh. The first couple I’ve seen walk each other down the aisle, just because they wanted to. 

Much love. 





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