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hey, girl ~ an open letter to my brides

Dearest you,

 Just in case you need a little push in the direction of doing your own thing for your wedding, allow me to remind you that traditions can be started by anyone. They can also be completely avoided by anyone. And a lot of them, in regards to weddings, have absolutely ridiculous and outdated origins that if you Googled for a few minutes, you’d wonder why they’re still around at all.

All that’s technically required is that you’re legally married at the end of the day. What you do with all the time in between is completely and totally up to you.

Some of the happiest brides I’ve ever worked with have thrown tradition to the wind, ignored everyone that said the sky would fall if they dared to be different, and done their own thing. Don’t ever be afraid of that. If you want to have an all day party with a 15 minute ceremony in the middle of it, do that. If you want to hang out with each other before the wedding, do that. If you want to throw a bouquet of gift cards so everyone can participate instead of tossing flowers to the single folk, do that.

Your own imagination makes Pinterest look like the recycled garage sale of second hand ideas that it is. It’s your love story. Not anyone else’s.


Be yourselves. Go crazy. It really is your party.


I’m Brett Birdsong and I approve this message.


*drops mic*

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