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megan & joe, pt. 1 ~ rancho cucamonga, california ~ rancho cucamonga wedding photographer

Megan and I have been friends for almost 6 years. 


Somewhere during that time we flew past the friends level and adopted each other, then her family adopted me, I adopted them back, and it developed into a huge love fest from there. 

Whenever I’m in California I stay with them. Actually going to California and not staying with them I think would get me threatened severely from Megan’s mom. (Hi, mom.)


To say I’m thankful for this family and love the heck out of them is an understatement. 


Early last year Megan and I started discussing an October date for her wedding she was planning. Location discussions, photo ideas, inappropriate Pinterest jokes, the works. 

So when I got a text from her on April 11th last year, I figured it was just another day of “Holy cow, look at these hideous photos I found on Pinterest” day. Only it wasn’t. What unfolded after that text was a long phone call, a lot of questions, some tears, more questions, and a lot of schedule adjusting. 


Megan had cancer. The wedding we were joking about and had months to plan was now happening in 6 days. She knew it was short notice, she didn’t expect me to make it, but if there was any chance at all, could I please come. I don’t even remember what I had going on that week, but I remember calling to adjust the kid’s visitation schedule, reserving a rental car, and leaving a couple of days later for California.

The wedding I’ll post shortly after this blog post. It came together beautifully in 6 days thanks to some amazing friends, family, and local businesses.


I’m stupidly happy to say that after a successful surgery, Megan got the all clear a few months ago. She’s currently cancer-free, and she and Joe are expecting a baby girl in March. 


These are their engagement photos we shot the day before the wedding. 






rancho cucamonga wedding photographerrancho cucamonga wedding photographerrancho cucamonga wedding photographer




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