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on life, love, and other incurable diseases ~ a 2013 recap ~ tulsa wedding photographer

You know, it’s the weirdest thing. 

I just sat down and wrote the 2012 recap a couple of days ago. At least that’s how it seems in my head. 

I had great plans for this year. I really did. New marketing material, updated pricing, really great ideas to implement, it was going to be awesome. And then January hit, and my world exploded. I’m not sure who opened the flood gates, but they were opened, and this year has disappeared into a blur of beautiful couples, new friends, road trips, and questionable choices regarding chasing bears in Glacier National Park. 

Whether it was sitting at a piano in the lobby of a very nice hotel in southern Florida singing chorus songs with most of the family and bridal party at  3 AM after the wedding was long since over, a lengthy conversation with a cab driver on life, love, and happiness at 2 AM in Las Vegas, (Hey Ray, you made the blog), or finding myself in the most random of places taking photos just for the heck of it, this year was incredible. 


The last two blog posts were fairly long, and while I know I usually close out the year with a long and rambling post, I’m going to change it up this year and just post some random photos from throughout the year that I wanted to share with you all. 


I have absolutely no words to convey my thanks to you, the former and current clients, for allowing me to do what I love for another year. You make every single bit of this possible. From the bottom of my heart, I thank you. 


Here’s to 2014. I hope it’s the craziest, most awesome, completely blessed year you’ve ever had. 




tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer                                                                                                                                                                                                        Sunset, Whitefish, Montana. On a road I wasn’t supposed to be on, the only one around for miles, and it was perfect. I love that state. 



tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

 My friends, All About a Bubble. We did a band shoot earlier this year, and at one point I ended up on stage with them playing keyboard for one of their shows. That was awesome. Check out their music here.

Hey Dustin, smile. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

Standing on the side of the road inside Glacier National Park with my friends Jeremiah and Rachel Spray, shooting long exposure of stars, certain I was about to get eaten by bears or wolves. 




4th of July from the M on Mount Sentinel, Missoula, Montana. One of my favorite places to hike up to. If you look closely enough towards the bottom left, the little bursts of light are fireworks. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

At one point this summer I was surrounded by two hipsters with antique cameras. On a serious note, these are two of the most creative, talented guys I’ve ever met in my life. 

My dear friends Jeremiah Spray, and Bryan Bartlett, Whitefish, Montana. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

An incredibly sweet couple that decided Vadering needed to happen at their wedding. Emily and Josh, you rock. #maytheforcebewithyou


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

I failed miserably at chasing lightning this year, and this was as close as I got to a storm with a camera. Sunset, Wagoner, Oklahoma. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

An impromptu portrait of my dear friend, Mikey Ohlin. An absolutely incredible singer and musician out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

I’m actually a few years late posting this photo. This was from a wedding I shot in Newport, Oregon several years ago. I came across this photo while putting this blog together 

and wanted to share it. Blowing sand and freezing water, but it was worth it. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

I don’t often dive into the really deep behind the scenes stuff with my clients, but I wanted to share this photo. I’m oddly fortunate enough to have made really close 

friends during this whole photography shindig, and Megan and her family are probably the closest. I’m officially adopted into the family (*fist pump*), and I love them dearly. Megan had a cancer scare earlier in the year, 

and after a wedding much sooner than originally planned, she’s now in the all clear and she and Joe are expecting their first baby next year. This was after a wedding I’d shot near San Diego, CA, and had driven back up the coast towards Los Angeles.

I made it just in time to celebrate Megan’s birthday with everyone on the beach. I was able to snap a few photos before mom made me put the camera down and handed me a huge plate of food.

Dear Molina family, thanks for being so incredibly kind to me over the years. Love you guys. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

Another long exposure from Glacier National Park , complete with shooting stars. 





tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

I shot stills for a film in Sedona, Arizona this year on a horse ranch. Part of what I was doing included taking photos of the ranch hands, including this cowboy. 

I couldn’t get him to smile for the life of me, until I put my camera down and pulled out my bright pink bottle of sunscreen and started putting it on my head. 

Hey. It’s hot and bright in the desert. Bite me. 

I looked up, and he was laughing.  Thus this shot. 



tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

After finishing the shoot at the ranch, we were all standing around loading into the trucks to leave, and I fell over on the ground and snapped this photo. 

When I looked up, everyone was staring at me like I’d lost my mind. Heh. 

Last Light on the Ranch, Sedona, AZ. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

This is Christa. She’s a model, actress, hilarious dork, and a dear friend. And this is how she looks when she forgets to put gas in the four wheeler that’s hauling the film crew and myself around the desert,

and we have to get rescued. 



tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

Sunset on the Trail, Sedona, AZ. 


tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

I don’t even know what peak we were on top of, but after hiking out into the snow for a bit, we stopped and took long exposure shots of the stars above Glacier National Park. It was completely incredible. 





See you next year, 




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