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meagann & james ~ engagement ~ tulsa, oklahoma wedding photographer


It’s cold outside. 


Which is why I’m going to start posting weddings and sessions from back in the summer. 

Not that I mind the cold. I love cold weather. The hot chocolate, the fat pants, the Spongebob snuggie. I just think that after spending a few years living in Florida, I need the sun and warmth at least every few weeks, then I can come back and laugh while the locals panic over possible winter storms. 

Seriously. You should come to Oklahoma sometime when there’s a winter storm warning. I’ll take you to the nearest Wal-Mart and you can watch everyone go all medieval on each other while hoarding bread, milk, Pop-Tarts, and cigarettes. I’m not even kidding. God forbid a snowstorm actually last more than a few days here. The majority of the state would waddle out of their houses afterwards smelling like an ash tray with a severe obesity problem. Moreso than normal, I mean. 

Anyway. Where was I?

Ah yes.

In a couple of weeks I’ll be in Key West on a boat with my sweetheart in 80 degree weather fighting Rock Rays ( for everyone that missed that reference, go here ) and doing my part to rid the place of rum and Key Lime pie. Until that time, I’m going to keep posting happy, sunshine filled things in protest of the dead grass and bare trees I’m currently surrounded by. 

This is an engagement from a few months ago with a super sweet couple. The weather was awesome out at Shady Lane Farm that day, and the session turned out great. Can’t wait for the wedding!


Now, back to my snuggie. 





tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

tulsa oklahoma wedding photographer

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