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fat grooms & wheat thins ~ deep thoughts

I was a groom once.

A really fat one, now that I recall. 

And I didn’t care about details. I didn’t care what color the invitations were. In my head, you found a photographer, hired that photographer, and everything came together in a ball of love and happiness.

Only the photographer sucked. And no one bothered to tell me that you were supposed to buy prints from the dude after I’d already paid him money before the wedding. Seriously? I paid you once, and now I get to pay you again for the crap work you just produced? Not happening. Really. We didn’t buy anything from him. They were that bad.

I’ve been there, looking through vendors, not knowing that under this warm and fuzzy glow of love, there’s an entire wedding industry full of really great people that want your day to be perfect….but there’s also a lot of people that have figured out a way to make a quick buck, couldn’t care less about your day, and you won’t realize it until it’s too late and you’re staring at really crappy photos you don’t want to buy. Or they lose your photos. Or you’re told that the photographer shooting your wedding is a professional, who actually couldn’t tell you the difference between a spot meter and ISO, and somewhere between Timmy the Intern’s camera bag, and Susie the Chick That Actually Edits Your Pictures, stuff gets lost.

I love my clients. The majority of my clients have stuck around and become great friends, and I love that. They’re mostly crazy, but it’s ok because I am too. We fit.

But from the moment we all first talked/skyped/emailed/met, they knew what they were getting into. They were getting me. Not BS mock-professionalism, not some nauseating, unicorn-humping speech about being in love with love and capturing moments while pooping rainbows, just……me.

And I’m not in love with love. Actually, I don’t even know what the heck that means. Chances are, you don’t either, so I’m not worried about it.

But what I am completely and totally fascinated with is the interaction of two people completely stupid about each other. What I absolutely love is the moment when the walls come down in front of my lens, and these two crazy, weird people show me who they are and their story comes together through photos. What blows my mind is two complete strangers letting me in to their world long enough to get to know them, and have them trust me enough for a brief moment in time to be responsible for telling their story as best as I possibly can through my lens.

It’s important to me to connect with them. It’s important to me to get it right, to make them incredibly happy with whatever it is we all create together. The moment that I send the final gallery to the moment I get the email or phone call back from the client, letting me know how they like their photos…is an absolute eternity to me. Because I’ve poured my heart and soul (and several boxes of Wheat Thins) into their photos, and I want them to love them. I want them to be crazy, stupidly happy with them.


What I do is important to me. What I create, how my clients respond to their photos, all of that…is hugely important to me.


I’ve said it a hundred times, and I’ll keep saying it: know your vendors. If your wedding day is important to you, know who you’re going to be working with. There are some really, really great folks out there that want nothing more than for your day to be perfect. Find those people. Because for every one of them, there’s a hundred that want to shove you through an assembly line, take your money, and send you on your way.


I’m ending this blog post with a completely and totally unrelated photo of my kids. Because I can. #boomundefined

Until next time ~

  • Joe Treadaway - Now that I have stopped laughing…well not actually. I’m wiping tears and snot from laughing so hard. My lovely bride and I “discovered” Brett on a whim. We somehow ran across his name during a “key west photographer” search. Needless to say, we met this guy on Duval Street (I know it sounds like the beginning of a joke) a couple of days before our wedding. That “click” that he was referring to earlier, it was instant.

    Dude is a brother to me and my wife. He was one of the first people that we called when our daughter was born. Yeah, he’s that kind of cool with us. I will tell you that we may have even experienced visions of “unicorns humping”. I blame the rum.

    I got a text message requesting my thoughts on the blog (after it was published). I replied back with @#$%&?! yeah right on. Lots of love for this guy.

    Since Brett shot us…(that was for you Buddy) we’ve had a baby girl and got into all kinds of other trouble. We showed our neighbors Jayme and Chris our wedding album and they were sold. Brett will be shooting them in September. If he doesn’t stop by and say hello while in the area though, I will retract all of the aforementioned wubby schmubby and kick him in the shins.

    All our love for ya,

    Joe, Trish, and Caeleigh…ReplyCancel

  • Chris - Brett for President!ReplyCancel

  • Ronnie - Dude. You rock.ReplyCancel

  • Tracy - B …. you are a character! I LOVE your photos and look forward to the day I get to use your skills! I am so glad I don’t have to worry about who my photographer will be. (=ReplyCancel

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