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eva & mark ~ wedding ~ san francisco wedding photographer

There’s a lot of backstory to this wedding, of which I’ll try to condense for the sake of you, my over-caffeinated reader.

Mark is my friend. Mark and another guy, who I will mysteriously refer to as “Max”, own is basically the coolest gear rental company in existence. If you use the coupon code BIRD_SONG when you checkout, you’ll get discounts.

See? Pretty cool.


Eva and Mark had a traditional Jewish ceremony on the roof of the San Francisco Art Institute a little over a year ago. Why am I just now blogging it? I don’t know. Why am I abnormally sexy? I don’t know that either.

I digress.

 The weather was overcast and perfect, the views were amazing, and the entire wedding from start to finish was beautiful. One of the coolest things I’ve seen done with a bridal bouquet happened during this wedding. Eva had decided that instead of only one person getting to catch a bouquet, there should be at least 5 people getting that chance. So, her bridal bouquet was actually 5 small bouquets wrapped together, and came apart mid-air when she threw them. It was awesome. 

And I just said bouquet a lot. Weird. 

Anywho, the final shot on this blog is (most of) the entire Borrowlenses crew, whom I have harassed repeatedly over the years. Great bunch of people. Yes, even Max. 


Sincere thanks to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for shooting this wedding with me. 





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