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brandi & brandon ~ the wedding ~ tulsa, oklahoma wedding photographer

In case anyone ever asks you, ” Hey, you hear about that one time Birdsong went chest deep in a nasty pond filled with God knows what to try to get a long exposure shot in complete darkness and spent the rest of the evening soaking wet?”, just say no and walk away. 

Because it’ll probably be Brandon trying to tell you the story. He’s fond of it. 

I’ll spare lengthy verbiage on this, as there’s a ton of photos that can speak for the wedding much better than I can. It’s one of my favorite weddings, one of my favorite couples. Held at Vive Le Ranch in Tulsa, Oklahoma, decor and flowers by Mershon Catering, also out of Tulsa.


Thank you, Brandi, Brandon and Logan for letting me share your day with you. It was beautiful, and it was a blast working with you all. 


Sincere thanks to my friend Jessica Edwards for hanging out with me during this wedding and getting some awesome shots as always. You rock, my friend. 



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