for ana ~

I’m not great with words. 


At best, I spazz out something slightly comical and sarcastic, toss in a few photos that are mediocre if anything, and call it a blog. 


The comedic is easy for me. The avoidance of all things painful, awkward and uncomfortable is safe. 


But I can’t do that with this blog.


Dan and Cherrie are close friends. I love them both dearly, bug them more than I probably should, and have spent many a night in random places solving the problems of the geek world with Dan. Usually with a cold Amstel Light in hand. They briefly started out as clients, but after the second engagement session, all professionalism was shot to hell, a bromance had begun between Dan and I, and Cherrie ….well Cherrie is just an awesome person that you can’t help but love. And then came their wedding in Key West, Florida. It was at the wedding that I met Dan’s family (hi mom!) and Cherrie’s family (Ed and Eddie! *flex*), and also met Ana aka Chickie P., Cherrie’s little sister. And I seriously mean little. I’m not entirely sure she’s even 5′ tall. 

But one of the amazing things about her is her personality is so much bigger than her body.


Completely hysterical.


Incredibly kind.


One of the genuinely sweetest people I’ve ever met. 


There’s no way to be around her for any length of time and not be smiling, or cracking up at something she said. She’s someone that when you meet her, you never forget her. 


And she has cancer. 


I’m not going into the details, because I honestly don’t know all of them. I know that she’s fought, so very hard. Again with strength and will and determination, far greater than her tiny stature. To say that she’s an inspiration to both myself and everyone around her is a gross understatement.


I hate cancer. And as much as I and everyone else have wanted it to go away, it hasn’t.

I hate feeling powerless to help someone.

As I said, I’m not good with words. 


For those of you who pray, I ask for your prayers for her and her family. If you’re into sending positive thoughts, or simply pausing to think of another incredibly selfless and caring human being, I ask you to do that as well. It would mean so much to both Ana and her family. 


Sincere thanks  ~






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