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kathy & felipe’ ~ engagement ~ chicago wedding photographer

First off, I have to warn you the readers that this post contains questionable content. 

As in, why was there a car with two inflatable dolls sticking out of the sunroof driving through downtown? I’ll probably never know the answer to that question, but I had to include the shot. Even more disturbing to me than the actual dolls in the sunroof, was the fact that our cab driver didn’t find it at all amusing. In fact, he seemed like a fairly unhappy person in general. I was going to try to get a quick shot of him, but for one of the few times in my life better judgement won out.

This session was great from start to finish. Beautiful couple, beautiful city, finally ending the night with one of my favorite shots in which the sign above the couple made for several moments of great laughs. 

I mean how you could not take that shot. Honestly. 


Sincere thanks as always to Tiffany Coker of Avant Images for adding beautiful images to this set. 


~ B


  • Candace - I love your fresh perspective on Chicago. Living here, I love seeing you capture the couple as part of the city, not displaying the city with them in the frame. Love it!ReplyCancel

  • Todd - You’ve got a great eye! Too many ‘photographers’ are nothing more than folks with expensive cameras who miss the essence of photos as art. I don’t often take time to comment on other photographer’s photos, but yours certainly deserved it!

    Well done,


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