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and the winners are…

You all rock. 

Like, seriously, full-on, kick$#!, rock. 


I honestly expected under 50 comments. Maybe 100 if I promised to show some skin. (The tattoo rumors are completely false, I swear it. Maybe.)

But 319? That’s just plain awesome. I’m going to attempt to do a giveaway on the blog at least once a month of something cool, so feel free to either Facebook stalk me, Twitter me (hahahaha..twitter me), or check back here for the latest chance to win free stuffs. 

Thank all of you so, so very much for the super-cool support for Gabi is an incredible person, and the straps, as you all know, are the shizznit.

 As promised, you guys went above 300 comments, so three straps are being given away instead of one. Call me crazy.

For the selection process I’m using the website Enter the number of comments, in this case 319, hit the button, and poof, out pops a random number. 


And the winners are….


# 1 ~ Laura ~ comment #78

 #2 ~ Autumn ~ comment #27

 #3 ~ Jody J ~ comment #183


You 3 have emails with nifty instructions.  Congrats!


As an additional “Hey thanks, you guys rock.” Gabi’s letting me pass on a 10% coupon that’s good until Monday, September 27th. Simply enter the coupon ” birdsong ” during checkout, and you get 10% off your entire order from


Thank you…that was tons of fun. 


All the best ~





  • patsy - I was robbed!!!!!!!!! LOL. May I still see the tattoos though? ReplyCancel

  • Jody J - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I am SO excited!!!
    and YOU rock!!ReplyCancel

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