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mary ~ the bridal session ~ seaside, fl

In the continuing trend of avoiding all weddings completely on the blog, I’ve decided to go with Mary’s bridal session today. I’ve had this for a bit, but wasn’t actually able to blog it until after her wedding, which was a couple of weeks ago.

I’ve honestly lost count of how many times she’s been in front of the lens. When you become friends with a crazy photographer, you get phone calls in the middle of the night that go something like this:

Me – ” Hey. ”

Client-turned-friend – ” mmmphgqz…..zzzzz ”

Me – ” Listen, I know you’re probably asleep, but I have this REALLY freaking cool idea I need to get out of my head. We should go shoot tomorrow. I need a model, and the Model Mayhem people scare me. ”

CTF – “…mpphkk..ssnrrt…uuhmmk….zzzzz”

Me – ” Sweet! Thanks! ”

Uber thanks to Mary’s mom (hi mom!) for lugging all kinds of quilts, equipment, etc around during this shoot.

Mary, you absolutely rocked it my friend.


  • Jeremiah D Spray - These are amazing brett, warm and beautiful. I really hope I get to work with you someday. Awesome.ReplyCancel

  • Tom - Great shots as usual!ReplyCancel

  • Tanya - …you had me at “the Model Mayem people scare me…”

    Fantastic work!ReplyCancel

  • mary - thank you so much! it was a super fun experience. and if you have anymore crazy idea that you just are dying to try and you need a model, you know i’d always love to help! (and garrett too!) even if you call me at 2 in the morning. haha!ReplyCancel

  • Sarah - wow.. always love reading your blog, but wow. Beautiful.ReplyCancel

  • Susan - These are amazing!ReplyCancel

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