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If you’re a photographer and you’ve ever wanted to break into the wedding side of things, or if you’ve ever wanted to follow me around at a wedding, ask questions, and take photos of some of my actual couples along the way, this is for you.



On Saturday, January the 13th, 2018 I’ll be putting on a wedding from start to finish at the Destin Bay House.

I’ll be walking 15 photographers step by step through my process of shooting an entire wedding day from hair and makeup/getting ready photos, first look photos, bridal party portraits, ceremony, catered reception, garter/bouquet toss, grand exit, to long exposure shots, letting everyone photograph multiple couples along the way in every stage of an actual wedding day.


And even though it makes some local photographers cry bitter tears every time I say it, every photographer is absolutely welcome to use all photos from the wedding workshop to promote their businesses on their websites and social media as much as possible. #BlessTheirHearts


I’ll be working with some of my all time favorite wedding vendors and they’ll be giving behind the scenes tips and wisdom on how not to suck as a wedding photographer throughout the day.





At the end of the day, you’ll have complete destination wedding for your portfolio, an inappropriate amount of every single thing I could ever tell you about wedding photography, a catered dinner by my man crush of a chef, Mr. Heyward McKenzie with Culinary Catering 365, and an after party with my DJ from another mother, Mr. Vaughn VanAmburg.



Cost is $450 per attendee.

Class size is limited to 15 people.

50% retainer to hold your spot. Registration deadline is Dec. 31st.


What You’ll Need: Something to take notes with, a camera, working knowledge of shooting in manual mode, 50mm lens or wider, a portrait or zoom lens,  and an external flash, aka not the one built into your camera.

(I shoot with two Canon 5d MkIII’s, a Canon 100mm 2.8L Macro lens, and a Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art lens, if you’re remotely curious.)

You’ll also need a few memory cards, an extra battery or two, a tripod if you want to play with long exposure shots, and one lens with at least a 1.8 aperture, or you’re going to be a sad panda during the dark reception shots.

If you need to rent gear for the workshop, check out




Saturday, January 13th, 2018

11:00 AM – 9:00 PM



The Destin Bay House, Destin Florida.



It’s going to be an incredible amount of fun, an absolutely gorgeous wedding day, and one heck of a group dance floor selfie. for questions or to register.





Dear Kristen and Jason,

Thanks for a perfect day, an amazing first look with each other, and for the non-stop laughter. I heart you and such. #DontMakeItAwkward


My dearest Bay House,

Have you been working out? Planking? You’re beautiful, never change. #OhHay


Huge props to my sister from another mister, Erin Hadaway – Your wedding coordinating skills and ninja-like reflexes are legendary. Your clients are lucky to have you. Fist bump.

To the only man who truly does light up my life and everyone else’s at receptions and always keeps the party rocking into the night, Mr. Vaughn VanAmburg DJ.

To Tammy with the Eventful Planner for the amazing food.

To the DIY family crew that put the flowers together from Sam’s – Well played, seriously. Gorgeous work.

To Michelle Brown and Jessica Sirten with Teensy Treats / Sweet for Sirten for the most ridiculously gorgeous sight ever to grace my formerly fluffeh kid eyes that wasn’t a wedding cake. Gorgeous and absolutely delicious work as always.

To Destin Water Taxi for the super cool arrival of groomsmen by boat.

To my friend, Tara Russo with Powder and Paint 30A for the gorgeous hair and make up artistry.

And lastly but not leastly, my videographer friend, Jana with Milestones Studios for the beautiful film work.


Well played, everyone.


Well played.


It’s a bit of a surreal concept to me that I’m able to be close friends in this industry with artists and creatives that are sincerely inspiring to me as a photographer.


And it’s also a bit unnerving when you get to spend some time photographing them and hoping you don’t completely suck in the process. #goals

Someone once told me the best thing you can do for your own creativity is spend time around those who inspire you. And while her talent with all things weddings speaks for itself, her landscape work currently hangs in two places in my house. You can check it out here if you’d like –  Landscape Prints

Sincere thanks to my dear friend, Kacie Quesenberry, for sledding down from Montana and hanging out for a few days, for starting the landslide of portrait projects that came to life after this shoot, and for being a ridiculously talented inspiration.




Samantha and Ben were married at Old Christ Church in downtown Pensacola, Florida. An absolutely gorgeous day from start to finish, with more laughter than you could shake a stick at.


Seriously. People tried it. Couldn’t do it. #awkward


Sincere thanks to my unfairly talented friend, Mr. Heyward McKenzie with Culinary Catering 365, for always making freakishly amazing food whenever we work together, to my dear friend Janet Marie of Florida Dream Weddings for masterfully coordinating this beautiful shindig, to Ian the Scottish DJ with 1st Class Sounds, to Meg “The Manager” Burke for her ridiculous talent and for shooting this with me, to Publix for still blowing my mind and making consistently amazing wedding cakes, to Jackie with Southern Floral Traditions for the gorgeous flowers, to New World Inn for a bridal suite completely bathed in gorgeous natural light, and to Palafox Wharf for a great reception space and all of the towels to dry off my completely soaked self after trying to save a reception tent from the wind and rain. #yolo

To Sammie and Ben, thanks for letting me be a part of your day, and for being completely wonderful to work with!





I love huge trees.


I especially love huge trees with Spanish moss, and Eden Gardens State Park in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida has one of the prettiest trees I’ve ever seen in person.

Throw in a sleepy puppy, a ridiculous amounts of laughter and love, a perfect first look, Chris being blindfolded and manhandled during the reception, and all in all it was a perfect day.


Hilary and Chris – thanks for letting me shoot your wedding, and thanks for all the crazy amounts of love and friendship. Here’s to new adventures above and below the waves.


Meg “The Manager” Burke – thanks for all of the crazy talent that you bring to both my clients and your own, and thanks for shooting this with me. #FistBump #BaDaLaDaLaDaLah






Santa Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong PhotographySanta Rosa Beach Wedding, Eden Gardens State Park / Brett Birdsong Photography




Sincere thanks to Meg “The Manager” Burke for shooting this wedding with me. Amazing work as always, my friend. #fistbump